Aborted twice, but it still didn’t work,
Rejection tried to set in, but what is that worth.
Grandma prayed sternly to the Lord on her way home to glory,
God made a vow to her, that I would be delivered to tell the story.
The enemy stepped in and tried to claim my life,
But God spoke a word to my grandmother before entering into Eternal Life.
All is well with her, is what the Lord said,
My grandmother took Him at His Word & found rest on the glory bed.
But as time moved on, the enemy thought he had me,
Then came my friends grandmother who always covered me.
With much prayer she laid her hands on my head,
Speaking in tongues she denounced all the words the enemy said.
Not giving me room to be rebellious, she took all authority,
Every evil spirit that dwelled had to let go of me.
Aggressive warfare is what she fought on my behalf daily,
Making sure I acknowledged the price Jesus paid  to save me.
Days, weeks, months and even years had passed by,
Evangelist Nicole Robinson was born, so the old man had to die.