​The history of Blood Bought Ministries started in a cold cell in Summit County Jail in Akron, Oh. When a twenty (25) year old young lady was sentenced to serve 1 year in a women’s correctional facility in Marysville, Oh. Before being transferred to the prison a group of ladies came to the county jail to minister to the inmates. This young lady being a least a month pregnant was asked by another woman if she could pray for her. The young lady didn’t reject the prayer, but the prayer warrior began to speak in an unknown language as she prayed for the young lady. Heat (fire) overtaking the young lady’s body she thought the woman was doing some type of witchcraft on her. As the prayer continued on, the young lady continued to feel this heat all over her body, but it was now time for prayer to be over & back to the jail cell she went. On her way back to the cell she began to vomit in such a manner it brought so much attention to her until she was almost embarrassed. But everything that was in her seemed to be coming out, her life felt like it was over, her mind wondering “what did that lady do to me”. All through the night she kept hearing these voices that would not leave her. When she asked her cellmates about the voices, they laugh and told her she was crazy. As the night move on the voices got more intense ringing nonstop what seemed to be in her mind, but she was still able to think, “God, please don’t let me lose my mind”. At that moment the life this young lady once knew was over. Demonic forces & spirits that once rule this body had now been cast out. And Evangelist Nicole Robinson had entered the WOMB of JESUS to be birthed out for such a time as this.